Seagulls hit the rehearsals and studio

We did take a short break after the tour. A bit of sleep and kicking back was well deserved after almost six weeks on the road. After a week it was time to get back together and start rehearsing for the recording studio. We are planning on releasing new material during the 2023 and a whole new album during 2024. We rented a cabin for rehearsals. Same one we used before our third album Grainsville. Maybe we’ve been there during the rehearsals of our fourth album too. But anyways… We had made some demo recordings at home – some ideas were shorter and some were closer to being ready. We’re happy to work with the same people on this album as we did on the previous one. Timo Kämäräinen as producer. Timo is a wonderful musician (an awesome guitarist) and producer. And Mamba Assefa as a recording engineer. Mamba has a long career as a musician and recording engineer – so they are a super good duo to work with. Plenty of experience there.

Finally it was time to lock ourselves in to the E-Studio at southern Finland. We’ve worked there before and it’s an awesome location and studio in the middle of Finnish countryside. One can really concentrate on work there and since it was spring already – we were surrounded by beautiful nature – just about to wake up.

We worked for two weeks, long days, busy nights and also played some shows during the weekend here in Finland. After two weeks we found ourselves with almost finished tracks for six songs. Now its time for post-production, mixing and mastering. But that’s going to take some time. We’ll inform more about that.

Work in the studio is something totally different from touring. I mean – of course music is always involved and the top priority. But in studio and while recording the consentration level is something else. After some 8-12 hours of work in the studio you can find yourself totally worn out. And then – new day arrives and back to work. But at same time its awesome! It’s creative, passion and you’ll eventually hear new music that’s never been made before. It’s magic.

But hey – Time to get back on the road! See y’all soon and take care!