Winter/Spring tour 2023

We started the year by rehearsing for a TV thing here in Finland – plus some touring back here at home. Come early Feb we packed our bags and things together and headed on the first longer tour of the year. That tour took us to Sweden first and then to the USA, Mexico and finally to the other side of the world as we headed to Australia.

We took a ferry from Finland to Sweden and played five club shows there. All went smooth – allthough we had a bit of issues as some of us were struggling with a bit of cold. But in the end it was all good. Our route took us from Malmö to Gothemburg, Uppsala, Linköping (Sweden has plenty of towns with -köping in their name) and for the last show of the Swedish part we played our first ever gig in Stockholm. After the last show it was an early morning to make it to the ferry back to Finland.

The next morning we flew to USA to continue the tour. After finally landing to San Fransisco we hopped on our BandWagon and were set to live there for some weeks. SF and LA treated us well and we continued on to Arizona and Texas. After a gig on the mighty SXSW festival in Austin we hopped south of the border for a while – for our first ever show in Mexico. Vive Latino Festival in Mexico City was awesome and we got a bit of an idea how fantastic the people in Mexico are. And how important live music is over there. We truly hope to make it back to the beautiful Mexico soon. We even got to see the pyramids and had just a tad of local beers at some point.

After Mexico we traveled to New Mexico and played few shows there. We also did some video shootings there but more about that later. We ended the USA leg of the tour with three shows in Colorado. We were scared to the bone as we crossed some mountains and it was still snowing and icy there.

After Colorado it was time to fly back to Finland for a quick while before continuing on to Australia. At this point we were a bit tired -we can admit that. But that felt like nothing compared to the feelings during the pandemic. It’s better to be tired because of touring than tired at home of worrying about the future. It was SOOOOOOO awesome to be touring abroad again. We were able to tour a bit around Europe during the pandemic but nothing like this.

The shows in Australia were the last shows in our calendar that were postponed by the pandemic. We were pretty happy campers to finally make it there and also to “clear the calendar” so to say. We played club shows in Sydney and Melbourne before heading to the Gold Coast. We had four (!) shows at the Byron Bay Bluesfest to finish the tour. Byron Bay treated us super nice and we even had some time to check out other acts too – since we stayed there for five days. Ana maaayyybe we did check out the beer game in Australia too. Proper beers… definetly smooth.

The whole winter/spring tour was a success and we got to play at plenty of new locations on this whole run. We were tired but super happy as we finally flew back to Finland – to the middle of snow. But hey – we’re used to the cold weather! Anyways – We really wanna thank everyone we met on the tour, everyone that attended to the shows and all the crew we worked with. We’ll meet again back on the road! After the tour it was time for us to start rehearsing for the studio recordings of our next release. More about that later! Take Care Y’all!